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By on March 30, 2017

They cant even scam properly!!

I made more than 10 profiles there to make sure this site is a stupid scam.women dont even read profiles before sending u mail!. u write in ur profile that ur looking for a certain age group but u still get hundreds of messages from younger and older women saying how cute u look when u didnt even put a photo there!!. women write that they have good english skills but the fact is that they use online translation programs. try asking a girl there to talk outside the site privately and she pops up with excuses that her pc got stolen and shes doesnt have a smartphone and her internet is poor…lol. I talked with many girls who confessed that they like the fact that men pay to talk to them and they said to me they know they will never meet men in real life and that they give married men some good time online nothing more!!. some girls are so rude and daring to the extent they accuse u of being a liar just because u want to talk outside the site,other girls are naughty and agree to pickup my email from the chat session and we talked outside the site but that was either very short termed because they give more time to thier find-bride profiles or was because they gave me other registration links to other sites….lol. one of them actually wrote her email in our chat to later invite me to join another site. another old woman took my email and i later discovered that she&her daughter are both members and compete on male victims there!!. the most stupid thing i faced there was a woman who kept sending me junk messages and when i accused her of scamming she blocked me after accusing me of loosing my mind and that she never wrote me!!. i get hundreds of messages daily in the form of showers of junk mail every hour with the same subject”dear men”….lol. bottom line,its 99.9% scam and its stupid scam:)) Just register there,upload a photo and get 20 credits for free to discover what i wrote here is true.

Never pay a dime in such sites:) good luck men. Ronald.

Mark 1 review Published Wednesday, March 8, 2017 is one hundred percent a scam.

I would have rated them zero or minus 5 stars if this was possible. I used this site for most of 2016. I communicated with about ten woman over this period. All cliamed to love me and wanted to spend their life with me. When I asked them to talk to me off the site they all refused giving lame excuses about not having intetnet access or not even having a telephone. No internet access?? How can they access the site?? Both the women and administration refused to answer these questions. One lady I had what I thought was a close relationship with. We had talked for many months about her preparations to come to Australia to meet me. She claimed to be getting work visas and everything. Then she sent me a e-letter through the site saying how brave I was to leave my country, my family and friends behind to come and live with her and that she was making preparations for my arrival that week. The site says they provide a “full money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied”. When I complained and asked for a refund they first flat out refused. After relentlessly pursuing the matter they agreeed to about a 10% refund. To top it all off they only refunded about 70% of the agreed refund.

Recently I posted a fake profile with no pictures. In the what I was seeking section I said that they were all fake and scammers and should be ashamed of themselves. Within two days I had over one thousand replies saying things such as how handsom I was, or what an awsome and interesting man I was. If you are still in doubt they have a blog section. To post a blog you have to email it to the staff and they will post it if it’s “suitable”. There is not a negative word about anything in the blogs, it’s just full of success stories. Many claim to be from citizens of the United States but if you look carefully you can see Russian writing in the background. Also there is that unmistakable Russian “accent” in what they write. For example using the word “mine” instead of my. Another is the use of “it” instead of he or she. So a typical give away sentence is something like “I found MINE wife on this site and IT is very beautiful”. I could write volumes about how fake this site is but I think if you have read this far you know that they are a scam.

Matt Prior 3 reviews Published Friday, January 6, 2017 Not bad, to be honest

Not sure why everyone’s complaining about this site. I admit that I’ve seen better sites (UkrainianGirls4u is pretty aweome, UkraineDate looks pretty legit too) but trust me: I have seen worse! As always: Use your common sense and you should be fine. I have used this site for a few weeks until I decided that it is simply just not for me but generally speaking I see no reason to complain.

Steffen Hansen 1 review Published Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Bare svindel

Bruk pengene pa noe annet. Find-Bride er 99,9 % svindel. Agenter sender ut falske brev, slik at vi skal dra kredittkortet. Og betale 6 dollar for a sende en epost. De fleste damene har menn, kj?rester og venner og er bare ute etter a fa penger og gaver. Og 1000 upersonlige eposter med floskler og tull i lopet av fire dager! Utrolig. Videochatting, noen minutter sa er 40 dollar borte. Og betaler du 60 dollar, far du kun en epost adresse og ingen mobilnummer.. Og de samme damene dukker opp som ” fluer pa kuskiten”! De lover og lyver og plutselig blir de borte. Har venner som fikk de samme epostene. Juks og bedrageri. Har mott et par damer, ekte og flotte damer, men mange andre stiller aldri opp pa kort varsel. Bortforklaringer bestandig. De fleste har ikke lyst a flytte utenlands, foreldrene vil ikke det. Vil du bli fattig og ulykkelig, bruk FindBride eller de andre sidene. Etter 3 ar vet man det. Av skade blir man klok.

Watch Out For Scams 27 reviews Published Tuesday, June 14, 2016 Updated Tuesday, June 21, 2016 99% of ladies are scammers…1% are legitimately looking for a relationship

There are a few honest ladies but 99% are scammers looking to chat or endless letters and or presents, which they get paid for.

Word of advice, open 2 accounts and you can see which ladies are sending letters to everyone.

Letters sent at exactly the hour or half hour are auto-generated letters…DO NOT respond to these. Your name is inserted into the ladies form letter and she does not even know it is being sent.

If you reply to one of these form letters, and keep on the topic of their letter, they do not respond accordingly, because they did not write the letter that you received from them.

If you want a pen pal good choice, if you want a real lady….run away from this site, run away fast

Gary Gary 1 review Published Friday, August 21, 2015 When love consumes every part of you

When love consumes every part of you. Thank you I came to this site for one purpose, to find my soul mate and true love. I am very happy to say I have the most gorgeous and loving young lady in my life. I met her last year on this site and fell for her charming ways, womanly poise, and sweet care of my heart. All any man would ever desire in a woman I have in my sweet love. She is my Destiny and I am so very glad to have her love so strong and true in my life. I cannot be or exist without her and smile so brightly as I know she will always be by my side. I love her with all I am capable of giving a woman and she returns this love a hundredfold. What a pure joy it is to love so beautifully. I’m happy to meet my lovely lady here through 1

Jamie222 found this review useful David Brunner David Brunner Boston, US 12 reviews Published Wednesday, January 21, 2015 A pretty bad dating Russian/Ukrainian dating site

I don’t know if it should be called a dating site. That is kind of strange to call a place a dating site that has a woman on it who is married. She posted pictures of herself having sex with her husband on vk. Of course, her profile says she is single and has no children. In fact, she has two. This is the typical date scam website. There is nothing here but misery, lies, and deception.

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